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Genius 2000 Software exists to commercially exploit two extraordinary and unique technologies:

Our Crossword Maestrotm technology is the only computer software that can analyse and solve cryptic crossword clues. It uses highly sophisticated and novel artificial intelligence techniques to achieve this and explain how the answers work in natural language. Before the product was written, cryptic crossword solving was regarded as a task that required high levels of human intelligence and not something that computers could do. The technology is currently available as a crossword solver for Windows and an online crossword solver.

In order to create the online version we had to create a completely machine-independent version of the technology. This means that we should be able to create versions for other platforms very readily in the future. As the technology is now online we can also deliver crossword solutions to any device connected (directly or indirectly) to the internet. Please get in touch if you can partner with us in exploiting this ability.

Our Anagram Geniustm technology uses extremely advanced artificial intelligence techniques to uncover remarkable new anagrams of any text and to make these anagrams relevant, grammatical and fun. The technology has been in development for substantially more than a decade and there is nothing remotely like it in existence.

A significant majority of the excellent anagrams that have been discovered, published or broadcast in the last ten years owe their discovery to this technology. More than twenty-five thousand examples of these are published by us in the Anagram Genius archive.

Products containing this technology have received (and continue to receive) large amounts of publicity of every kind including on national television, on radio and in newspapers. The software has also been featured in TIME magazine. It was also used by Dan Brown to create the anagrams that appeared in the Da Vinci Code book and movie. The book is the largest selling novel of recent times with more than fifty-million copies printed in 44 languages.

The majority of our customers use the Anagram Genius technology for fun. They are curious about what is hidden in the letters of their names and get a great deal of pleasure from uncovering remarkable anagrams of their friends and colleagues. There are also a small minority of customers who take the software far more seriously and use it uncover hidden "truths" in ancient writings and other texts.

Historically the technology has been available as a Windows program for PCs (a MacOS version is also available). However, recently the anagram-generating backend has been completely separated from the Windows front-end and has been ported to several other platforms. It can also be ported to almost any other platform capable of compiling C++.

Furthermore, a Windows kiosk front-end has been created with an animated display and an on-screen keyboard capable of being operated via a touch screen and a CGI version has been written (and is up and running on a dedicated server) enabling instant anagram generation to be available from any device attached to the internet.

We are very interested in licensing this technology to third parties. Possible uses include:

Arrow Anagram generation on new media. This would be a fun and extremely popular product on any new media, including mobile phones (via SMS, Java etc.), PDAs, digital television etc. Please get in touch if you can partner with us in this regard.

Arrow Instant web-base anagram generation as a premium feature of your website. This could be an incentive for people to subscribe to your site or simply something that brings in new customers. It could also be a revenue source. Either you or us can host the anagram generating technology. At a minimum all your need is a website that can run PHP - we can even provide the script. See the anagram generator at for an example. Contact us to learn more.

Arrow Branded versions. We can create branded versions of Anagram Genius for use as highly unusual and memorable corporate gifts or for promotion purposes. The results and output could feature your company name and even the anagrams can be steered towards words and phrases related to the industry you are in!

Arrow Languages other than English. Producing foreign language versions of the software is entirely possible. However, we do not have the resources to market versions into non-English-speaking markets. We are looking for partners who could reach such markets. We may also be interested in licensing the source code to a development company to enable the foreign language version to be written.

Arrow Kiosk version. Please contact us if you have any interest in a high quality kiosk version of the product enabling visitors to obtain anagrams of their names via a touch-screen, see the anagrams animated on screen and (optionally) get a high quality full color print-out of the list. The software can be configured to charge for use, make the use free but charge for the print-out or enable the entire process to be free perhaps benefiting you or your customers by means of branding or other promotional content on the display or the print-out. The complete software already exists and adaption to incorporate your branding and specification can be achieved rapidly. More information can be given on request.

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