Anagram Genius Screen Shots

These are screen shots taken from Anagram Genius for MacOS.

Anagram generation is divided into four stages controlled by the four big buttons at the top of each anagram window. When a stage button is pressed, the software does just enough work to take the process to the end of the specified stage. At its simplest the user simply enters the text, specifies a little about it (gender, etc.) and then presses the Weed button: the program does the rest. The window above shows the Input Stage where the text is entered and various options set. You can describe the item to the software at this stage and it will use its intelligence to try and steer the anagrams it finds towards the relevant and meaningful.

This is the Word Stage where the software finds and scores all the words in its lexicon which can be made using some of the letters of the input text. It combines its own knowledge with the description of the input text that you gave it to assign scores to the individual words. This information is used later during anagram generation.

The Search Stage is where it finally searches for anagrams scoring them according to what it understands to be their likelihood to be relevant and make sense. Some longish phrases have literally millions of combinations of words that form anagrams. Anagram Genius's scoring system means that you only have to hand search through a small selection to find the gems.

Finally the Weed Stage is where the user scans through the output and selects the best anagrams for saving or printing out in a report. The user also has the option to change the word order at this stage. The report also includes some extra things such as the longest single words found.

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