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Do you know a great anagram that isn't listed in the Anagram Genius Directory? If you are the discoverer of the anagram then this is your chance to make your name part of anagramming history and be listed as the anagram's creator!

Please only submit anagrams of the highest quality to this page. Furthermore, the subject matter must be something which will be understood by many people. As a rough guideline the name or phrase should be familiar without description to at least 50000 people. This criterion includes virtually all politicians, famous actors, Shakesperean quotes etc. and many many organisations, schools and businesses. However, an anagram of your own name, for example, no matter how good should not be submitted unless you are (at the very least) a minor celebrity.

Please be honest about attribution. We cannot invest any resources into arbitrating between different people who claim to have discovered an anagram and we must acknowledge that anagrams can be independently discovered by different people. In these cases we will list the person who submitted it first, so submit your anagrams quickly!

Please type carefully, use mixed case and punctuate both the anagram and subject. Submissions in all capitals will be summarily rejected.

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